The Bilingual School Affiliated to East China Normal University is a joint venture between China Normal University (Shanghai) Education Investment Co., Ltd., Zhengxin Valley Innovation Capital, and Shanghai International Automobile City (Group) Co., Ltd. in Anting, Jiading. Residential private school. With the support of the Jiading District People's Government and the guidance of the education authority, especially the Jiading District Education Bureau, the school will strive to become "a Chinese school that affects the world."

Loyal Valley Innovation Capital is a high-start, international and dynamic investment management company. Zhengxingu focuses on investing in great companies, focusing on supporting entrepreneurs who are pursuing excellence, and through long-term, continuous efforts to build world-class excellent companies. Zhengxingu Innovation Capital will provide support to the bilingual school affiliated to East China Normal University in the integration of educational resources, campus network, teacher recruitment, quality evaluation, teacher professional development, school management consulting, etc., and long-term support for the school management team to build students, parents, and parents. Excellent educational institution proud of teachers.

The Bilingual School Affiliated to East China Normal University is the first K-12 (kindergarten, elementary school, junior high, high school) bilingual school in Jiading District, the first IB program school in Jiading District, and the school with the highest number and proportion of foreign teachers in Jiading District. -12 A consistent bilingual education curriculum system, the creation of preschool, elementary, elementary, junior high and high school bridging courses, the key construction of K-12 "Chinese Culture Reading Course", more than 170 elective courses, each student chooses one musical instrument, forming a " "Light burden, high quality" education features. The school adheres to the school-running philosophy of "based on traditional Chinese culture, successful learners and excellent global citizens" and the school motto of "Study is progressing day by day", and aims to enhance the comprehensive quality of students with international competitiveness as the school's characteristic construction direction. Comprehensively promote whole-person education. In just two years, the school has successfully passed the certification of the IB organization and became an IB world school.

In 2018, the School became the IB World School, teaching DP.In 2020, the school officially became a member school of IBPYP.There are currently more than 1,500 students, more than 250 faculty members, and teachers in 16 countries and regions. It is achieving leapfrog development at an extraordinary speed.

All teachers of the school have graduated from well-known universities at home and abroad. All Chinese and foreign teachers have international education or exchange backgrounds. 100% of them have a bachelor degree, and 60% have a master's degree or above. 4 teachers have doctoral degrees. Foreign teachers are professional teachers from Britain, the United States, France, New Zealand, and other countries. 54% of high school teachers are IB global examiners.

Since its establishment, Huashi Bilingual has always focused on communicating and cooperating with first-class schools at home and abroad, as well as cooperating with bilingual schools and special schools. Formally became IB World School and taught DP courses. At the same time, the school actively participates in the annual meeting of the IBO organization, forms sister schools with Shanghai Concord International School for Children of Foreign Personnel and Nagasaki Town West College in Japan, and teachers and students participate in international art and academic exchange activities during the summer vacation.

The Bilingual Chinese Normal University advocates implementing the innovative practice of school-based curriculum construction under the principle of "National Curriculum First", creating a unique curriculum system that integrates Chinese and Western cultures, and takes holistic education and curriculum innovation as the two pillars of running a school. A certain result.

In the next step, Chinese Normal University Bilingual will continue to deepen the concept of holistic education and create more personalized education platforms. The school has established four colleges of science, literature, physical education and art based on the interests and preferences of students. Infiltrate the concepts expressed in school education through courses, help students find their true interests and goals, and cultivate their future core competitiveness.

With the completion of the new campus, Chinese Normal University Bilingual has formed a pattern of three campuses and four departments. Under the goal of a unified school, we will realize the synchronization of management models, unique courses, resource allocation and sharing, and the overall development of the new K-12 management mechanism of linkage.


Officially become a member school of IB-PYP International Baccalaureate Organization in July 2020

Become an IBPYP candidate school in April 2018

Officially became an IB World School in June 2017

Officially accepted IB organization evaluation in May 2017

First visit by IB observer in December 2016

Apply to be an IBDP candidate school in August 2015


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