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        Happy and healthy students perform better in school. Chinese Normal University Bilingual is committed to integrating the campus environment and the culture of cultivating outstanding learners into daily life, infiltrating and nourishing the Chinese students in every bit, broadening their horizons and escorting their future growth. Operating a campus that makes children reluctant to leave is inseparable from the collaboration of nearly a hundred people from the school's administrative operation department and supplier partner team. When students are in a safe and friendly environment, their performance will improve significantly.

        We believe that by providing safety, creativity and necessary services, students can stimulate their learning potential, social skills, and a positive and optimistic attitude towards life, thereby guiding them from a beautiful campus life to a successful future life.

Boarding Service "Take School as Home"

The Chinese Normal University Bilingual Student Apartment is located on the campus of No. 800 Nan'ande Road. The two dormitory buildings are "I-shaped", building A for girls and building B for boys, with four people and one bedroom, and apartment management.

The bedroom is equipped with heating and cooling air-conditioning, toilet and bathroom; each person is equipped with desks, chairs, wardrobes, and hanging cabinets; the building is equipped with public areas such as study rooms, reading rooms, gyms, and cooking classrooms.

The Cebu Department currently has 17 life teachers, under the leadership of the Cebu Department director, to jointly guard the healthy growth of boarding students.


Formation education

"Learning to live, learn to work, and learn to be a series of courses" includes various self-care courses, cooking courses, interpersonal communication courses, etiquette courses, and regularly organizes student exchange activities and parent volunteer activities.

Domestic services

The life teacher washes the changed clothes for the young students every day, and the students above the fifth grade must learn to wash their shorts and socks by themselves. The life teacher will carry out services such as cleaning, drying, drying and sterilizing the daily necessities once a month.

International exchange

International exchange students from the school come to live in the dormitory on campus, exchange life and study with the students of our school, perform performance cooperation, team study, and complete the exchange study project.

College co-construction

The Bilingual Chinese Normal University has four inter-faculty and inter-age groups formed based on student interests. Hand in hand, learn to care and develop together in boarding life.

School bus service "Ride with peace of mind"

Service company:

Shanghai Yutu Car Rental Co., Ltd.

Complete licenses: passenger service license, school bus driver license, school bus permit, pass various school bus reviews

School bus route (existing): 9 school buses

Nanxiang Line, Jiading New Town, Jiangqiao Line, Huangdu Line, Anting Town Line, Urban Line (Guangfu West Road)

New line (to be added)

"School Bus is Coming" APP

Parents can check the real-time location of the shuttle bus taken by the child in real time and arrange the pick-up time at the station conveniently.

School bus safety management system

Through the student's swiping card when getting on and off the bus, the teacher will seamlessly connect with the trainer to ensure that the child gets on and off the bus safely.

Student ride behavior code

Pay attention to the behavior habits of students when riding a bus. Riding a school bus is also part of the investigation of students' behavior habits.

Safety Training for Car Followers

Carry out regular professional training for car followers, including daily disinfection, use of first aid kits, wound treatment, and special disinfection during infectious diseases to deal with emergencies on school buses. And organize students to conduct fire safety drills to ensure that students can clearly understand the precautions for emergency escape on the school bus.

360 degree school bus design

Electric rearview mirrors, front blind mirrors and reversing monitoring equipment ensure that the driver can observe the surroundings of the vehicle in all directions without blind spots.

"Car Black Box"

The driving recorder monitors the driving situation in real time, and records the conditions inside and outside the vehicle from multiple angles, whether the driver is driving safely, whether the follower is responsible for maintaining discipline, and whether the students perform well on the school bus.

"School Bus Sterilizer"

The school team has newly purchased a school bus disinfection machine, and regularly organizes a comprehensive disinfection of the school bus to ensure that the vehicles operate safely in the best condition.

Catering service "Happy Dining"

Service company:

Shanghai Yitian Restaurant Management Co., Ltd.

Passed ISO22000 food safety management system ISO90010:2008 quality management system certification

"Top Ten Famous Brands of Shanghai Fast Food Chain", "Excellent Enterprise"

The "Chinese Normal School Bilingual School Restaurant" won the honor: Shanghai Catering Industry Association "AAAAA Level Unit" and "Green Restaurant".

Dining concept

 "Safe and healthy, rich in nutrition, and delicious in taste"

Catering service: compile a week’s recipes, match them reasonably and meet nutritional requirements, pay attention to the diversity of dishes, do not duplicate the recipes of the week, and have both Chinese and Western dishes.

Catering management: The school establishes a leading group for food hygiene and safety management, with the principal as the team leader; at the same time, it improves the food safety management system, allocates full-time food safety management personnel, and comprehensively strengthens and regulates the management of the school canteen.

"Meal system for school leaders"

School leaders and members of the home-school committee will take turns to accompany the meals at the school, eat at the same table with the students, have an in-depth understanding of the students' daily meals, and supervise the daily operation of the canteen.

"Meal Committee"

Implementation of multi-party supervision: the supervision and management mechanism of the school and the family committee (including the meal committee) will conduct inspections, random inspections, regular and irregular supervision of the work of the canteen; inspection and guidance by the market supervision office and the safety office of the education bureau.

Catering questionnaire

Conduct public opinion evaluations between teachers and students to understand their dietary preferences, and form an all-round three-dimensional supervision of the management of the school canteen by the management department, parents, teachers, and students.

Theme "Food" Culture

On important festivals in China and the West, the catering department will create suitable snacks and lead teachers and students to understand different dining cultures.

Enrich campus activities

The cafeteria has participated in the preparation of school carnivals, international student visits, student art exhibitions and other activities for many times, enriching the daily life of the students and creating a rich social environment with food.

School doctor "Health 7×24"

There are 5 school doctors at Huashi Bilingual School, escorting school hygiene and safety and student health. The five school doctors all have professional backgrounds and relevant experience. The school has established a fast and good medical channel to ensure that students are safe and timely in the school.

Daily morning check

The school doctor measures and controls the temperature of the students every time they enter the school, observes the health of the students, and ensures that the students enter the campus healthy.

Night shift

The infirmary is equipped with a night shift doctor on duty to protect the health of boarding students.

School-wide hygiene and epidemic prevention

The school’s medical office will carry out various measures to ensure the safety of our school’s environment. There are corresponding epidemic prevention measures for all kinds of children susceptible to epidemic diseases and large-scale infectious diseases.

Various health training

The school doctor of our school has conducted many safety and hygiene lectures and trainings for teachers, school bus followers, school security and cleaning personnel and other faculty and staff, so that all teachers in the school have basic knowledge of emergency treatment and health and epidemic prevention.

School Uniform Culture Store "Convenient and Heartwarming"

The Chinese Normal University Bilingual School Uniform Culture Store serves the needs of parents for purchasing school uniforms. At the same time, it develops and customizes stationery, cultural shirts, mascot dolls, refrigerator magnets, mugs and other products that students love with school cultural characteristics. "Physical store" offline services

The physical store of the cultural store is located in the elementary and middle school district of Nan'ande Road, and has full-time sales personnel to meet the daily needs of students for purchasing school uniforms.

(Temporarily closed due to the epidemic)

"WeChat Store" online service

The micro-shop of the cultural store has been officially launched (see the QR code below). Parents and students can purchase school uniforms and bilingual cultural products for Chinese teachers online.

"Safe card" rest assured service

All products are disinfected in accordance with strict standards and equipped with a "safe card" to record the temperature of the staff of the cultural store and the epidemic prevention measures. Please rest assured to sign for it.

"School Uniform Culture Week"

It will be held before the start of school and lasts for one week. In order to facilitate parents to purchase school uniforms of appropriate size and avoid the inconvenience of repeated replacement, students can be brought to the school to try on and buy them in one stop, experience the school uniform culture of our school, understand the school uniform wearing specifications, and prepare for the beginning of the new semester!

Security cleaning "on the front line of the epidemic"

Chinese Teacher Bilingual Owned

Security, cleaning staff, property engineering maintenance professional team:

During this epidemic, they became the "main force on the front line" to ensure the safe operation of the school.

The Security Department strictly controls the entry and exit of school personnel, and does a good job of disinfecting school personnel and objects. The campus patrol post opens windows for ventilation, disinfects with ultraviolet rays at night, and carries a large amount of epidemic prevention materials.

As the main force of the disinfection work, the cleaning department entered the school as soon as the school was closed. After training, it carried out cleaning and disinfection work for all areas of the school, and continued according to the development of the epidemic situation and the requirements of the disease control and epidemic prevention department Improve the disinfection system and process, and form a normalized disinfection work during the epidemic.

During the epidemic, the engineering department shut down the air-conditioning fresh air system of the whole school to avoid the spread of the virus. At the same time, it cooperated with professional air-conditioning cleaning and disinfection units to disinfect and clean the air-conditioning fresh air pipe network, internal units, and water trays in all areas of the school.

Modern teaching facilities

Teaching facilities in the Bilingual Elementary and Secondary School District of the Chinese Normal University: Each classroom and public classroom are equipped with Smartboard teaching electronic interactive whiteboards and ultra-short throw projectors.

More than 20 dedicated classrooms, providing different teaching needs: computer classrooms, nature classrooms, biology laboratories, music classrooms, drama rehearsal rooms, art classrooms, physics laboratories, history and geography classrooms, chemistry laboratories, labor skills classrooms, scientific and technological activities Room, car design workshop, small theater, large theater, rehearsal hall, indoor swimming pool, indoor basketball hall, outdoor tennis court, football field, etc.

Smart campus is an advanced information management system adopted by the Chinese Normal University bilingual campus management, covering administrative office, educational administration, independent learning, student growth, logistics services and data center functions. Record every student's growth in campus life and learning.


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