Principal's Welcome

This is an opportunity for us education pursuers to found our dream school and to achieve ideal education in the grand background of globalization.   This is also a challenge, we should hold high the banner of educational spirit and develop education that satisfies the society in the continuous social criticism and disorderly competition at the moment.However, it is the challenge that shows the value of pursuit and stimulate the vitality of teachers and students. East China Normal University Affiliated Bilingual School tries to hold high the banner of thought, understand education and realize what education should and must do from the inherent position of education, that is, education is to raise the value of human life, so as to make education gets to its original purpose. We value thoughts, yet we attach more importance to actions, for only actions can deliver results. 

Therefore, the education at ECNUAS needs not only correct guidance, but also specific actions that reflect these thoughts. We hope that educational actions of ECNUAS, like its thoughts, have its own logical starting point, or basic principle which has simplicity, wide applicability and infinite expansibility. That is, pursue the reform, keep the natural law.The carrier of ideal education is school. The ideal school should have great ambitions, and be able to win students’ love, teachers’ satisfaction, parents’trust and society’s praise.

The ideal school has well-organized management, peaceful and warm environment, upright and knowledgeable teachers who are full of love and willing to give their love to others, especially their students. The way to achieve ideal education is curriculum. For schools, the curriculum is the mainmanifestation of school education. In the future development of ECNUAS, we will gradually build an educational system that suitable for Chinese students and can support their global development, which show distinct characteristics in curriculum, teaching and other fields.All occupations is a path deep into the society and life, what we need to do most is to find the most suitable way.


Miss Gong Dehui

School Motto

So long as we pursue studies, we should endeavor every day. Without constant efforts, one would lag behind day by day. Even those clever as Confucius are diligent in their learning, so our students should work hard.

So long as we live among the world, we should reflect upon ourselves every day. Without constant self-reflection, one would get confused day by day. Even those kind as Yangming values knowledge as action, so us ordinary people should cultivate ourselves.  


We stick to a student-oriented approach, and aim to cultivate world citizens with originality, global perspective, and Chinese traditions. Students of ECNUAS will be:

Successful Learners: active and life-long learners with critical thinking ability, acute awareness for problem solving, and skills for integrating information.

Confident and Creative Leaders: confident, optimistic leaders who are willing to confront challenges. Problem solvers who actively integrate available resources and demonstrate communicative skills and leadership potential.

Understanding and responsible citizens: world citizens with global perspective, intercultural understanding, social responsibility and a strong sense of justice.

Well-rounded individuals: versatile people with adaptability and balance who excel at both intellectual pursuits and athletic and artistic fields.  


The rise and fall of the national destiny depends on education; the revitalization of education is the responsibility of the whole people; education is a strategy and also a people's livelihood. Only by realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation as the driving force, can we obtain the huge driving force for innovative education and serve the people's livelihood, and realize the extraordinary leap-forward development.

Therefore, when establishing the Bilingual School affiliated to East China Normal University, our eyes were always on the development of human society, especially our country and nation, and we were always thinking about the responsibilities and missions given to us by the changes of the times.

The 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China put forward the goal of "building a moderately prosperous society in all respects" and clearly put forward the historical task of comprehensively deepening reforms and encouraging educational innovation. At this important historical stage, education will become the main contributor to the growth of human capital. As an important part of Chinese education, private education is entering a period of important historical opportunities.

How to seize historical opportunities, develop high-quality private education, and create integrated modern education is a severe test of whether we can consciously undertake the historical mission of rejuvenating the country through science and education. After in-depth thinking, we set the school mission for the Bilingual School affiliated to East China Normal University as follows: In a microscopic or concrete field, practice the process of modernization of Chinese education.

Establish a K-12 school that consistently provides accommodation that is compatible with the reform and development of the country in the new era and the international metropolis of Shanghai, strives to innovate the school development mechanism, builds a high-quality education brand, and achieves the overall goal of running a school. Chinese schools that affect the world".

Founding purpose

Establish a highly academic, highly selective, and internationally influential Chinese school

Educational characteristics

Integrate Chinese and Western educational concepts and integrate the essence of Chinese and Western education

Teaching characteristics

Respect differences and provide choices; small class teaching, bilingual

Educational guiding ideology

Let students grow and develop in thinking, practice and creative activities

Educational management principles

Light burden, high quality; big education, small administration


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