School uniform service

Purpose of School Uniform Service Department:

Serve the development of the school, show the school image, enhance student confidence, and standardize educational behavior


The main tasks of the school uniform service department:

1. Post and collect student-related information and distribute school uniforms.

2. Supervise and urge suppliers to ensure quality and quantity, and provide products on time.

3. Participate in the education of school uniform dress codes for all grades.

4. Provide parent replacement and purchase of school uniform services.

5. Communicate with suppliers and parents regarding the optimization of school uniform service requirements.

6. Provide a full range of related school uniform services for teachers, students and parents.

There are 8 sets of school uniforms:

2 sets of PE in summer, 2 sets of PE in winter, 2 sets of formal wear in summer, 2 sets of formal wear in winter, accessories (schoolbags, hats, ties), except for the physical education department, all students wear formal wear during school.





Contact Information of Uniform Service Department:



Catering Services

Purpose of School Uniform Service Department:

Serve the development of the school, show the school image, enhance student confidence, and standardize educational behavior.



Accommodation Service

Provide services:

The life teacher washes the underwear, sports suits, and summer T-shirt suits for the students every day. (Students above the fifth grade must learn to clean shorts and socks by themselves) Wash and dry the bedding once a month.


Dormitory equipment:

The school dormitory implements apartment management. The bedroom is equipped with heating and cooling air-conditioning, toilet and bath room. Each is equipped with a desk, chair, wardrobe and wall cabinet. The building is equipped with telephone, study room, reading room, exercise room and cooking classroom.


Uniform appliances:

For unified management, the school uniformly provides daily necessities for freshmen. The specific items are as follows:

Bedding: 1 thick and thin quilt, 1 mattress, 1 pillow, 1 sheet, pillowcase, and quilt cover.

Toiletries: 1 mouthwash cup, 1 washbasin, 2 towels (replaced every semester), and a bath blue for lower grade students.

Items brought by students:

Drinking cups, toothbrushes, toothpaste, hairbrushes, shampoo and bath products, slippers, pajamas, underwear, etc.

About staying on weekends:

The school does not provide overnight stays on weekends. However, for individual students who live in other places and it is inconvenient to return home, they can be considered at their discretion upon application by themselves and their parents, but they must be approved to stay overnight.

Contact Information of Accommodation Service Department:



School bus service

Provide services:

The school bus service of the Bilingual School affiliated to East China Normal University is provided by a third party, Shanghai Yutu Car Rental Co., Ltd.

The company wholeheartedly provides a full range of professional and efficient services to all teachers and students of the Chinese Normal University bilingual, with a people-oriented, matter-first management style, and a safe, fast and high-quality business philosophy.


School bus service contact information:

Service Hotline:400-8235-311



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