Peaches and plums speak for themselves


       On June 30, 2020, 71 Chinese bilingual junior high school students completed the learning tasks of the junior high school and participated in the junior high school graduation ceremony. On this occasion, the principal Gong Dehui gave the students a deep warning.

       Four years of study, seedlings become big trees. Every student in the room is advancing every day, and the performance of learning is the most precious spiritual wealth of his alma mater. The four years of living together day and night, the classmates have grown together, will always be engraved in the bilingual school history of the Chinese Normal University, and stay in our common memory!

       When I graduate, I would like to ask you a few words:

1. Be a benevolent person

       The benevolent are not worried, the wise are not confused, and the brave are not afraid. It looks like a footprint to travel the world, in fact, it is to travel the world with the heart. Only by maintaining the heart of benevolence and righteousness can we reach the heights. Although there are uneven roads and potholes, people have good and evil loyalties, but there is a long history of thousands of years, and there are no people who are benevolent and benevolent.

2. Be a wise person

       A wise person must have the following qualities: good at learning and listening, diligent in reflection, courage to improve, and willing to collaborate and share. No matter what you do, do it with integrity, no matter what environment you are in, ask yourself like a leader, no matter who you serve, serve with your heart. No matter what dreams you have, use your full strength to chase them --- and never give up.

Three, be altruistic

       No matter what your ideals are, I hope you will uphold the IB learner training goals: to become people with international sentiments, recognize the fraternity spirit shared by mankind, share the responsibility of protecting the earth, and help create a better and more peaceful world. In some small or huge ways, influence the people and things around you until you have the ability to change the world in the future.


Teachers also send blessings

       Behind your progress and growth, you cannot do without the teachers who have always supported you. Every time between classes, the teacher would go to the classroom to answer questions for everyone, and for a time there was a scene where teachers of foreign language and materialization gathered in the classroom to solve everyone's doubts. Before the high school entrance examination, the principal's grandma's story sharing and cheering for you will give you more courage and strength! During the senior high school entrance examination, all the teachers sent the test in the wind and rain, just to let you feel the school's greatest support for you, and I would like to be your most solid backing!

       This year was really hard, but it was also worth it. I am glad that none of you left behind, and we lasted till the end together. I think this will also be a memorable and memorable time in your life.


Students' perception

      In the third year of junior high school, we had laughs of success and tears of failure, but no matter what, we have been working hard and fighting. We have encountered countless difficulties and pressures, maybe we have all wandered and hesitated, but we have never been decadent, stagnated, because we know that the sun is always after wind and rain.

       We always firmly believe that as long as we find our position and work hard for it, we will always fight for our own piece of sky. These four years are the freeze frame of a period of life, a microcosm of a page of history, a solidification of a spirit, a collection of emotions, a string of memory jewels, and a bunch of youthful flowers, which all teachers and classmates of the alma mater will always remember The smiling faces of our youth.


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