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        This semester, the annual mathematics competition of the Bilingual Elementary School of China Normal University came to an end, and another group of young computing experts showed their "super-powerful brains" in the competition. The rapid calculation ability was highlighted in this competition, let us also learn about the court style and learning journey of a few little masters!

        First of all, let us walk into the arena together and watch the students' intense answering sessions. More than 600 students in the elementary school participated in the preliminary round arranged by the grade group. In the end, 5 outstanding children were selected from each class, and a total of 100 contestants participated in the final. The competition is divided into two games, one for the lower grades and one for the middle and high grades. There are 3 rounds of competitions for each grade. In the end, the first, second, and third prizes of each grade are judged.

        In the end, five students were awarded the first prizes of five grades. Today, let’s meet these five elementary school students and learn about the mysteries of their learning mathematics!

G1A Zhang Xinyu

      Children's learning starts with cultivating interest, contacting and understanding, and laying a solid foundation. From the time they started to learn Chinese, learn to count, and learn to add and subtract with fingers, mathematics has penetrated into their lives imperceptibly, and will grow with them and become the basis for learning all subjects.

       Zhang Xinyu likes a set of picture books called Hansheng Mathematics. This set of books uses children's language and ideas, grasps themes in a familiar environment, and plays while learning. Starting from the origin of numbers, odd and even numbers, a lot of mathematical knowledge is told. Maybe he can't fully understand it when reading, but he has a basic impression through these short stories. When he comes into contact with relevant knowledge in the learning process, he will find it particularly cordial and interesting.

       After entering elementary school, the math teacher Zhao Jiaqi, the head teacher, is very serious and responsible. In every day of study, children are strictly required to practice verbal calculations and number writing. After half a semester of study and continuous practice under the supervision of the teacher day after day, I have seen great progress in him. From the beginning, there was an error rate every day to now almost every day of the oral arithmetic exercises can be all right, the numbers are also very neat and beautiful. Teacher Zhao also recommended a website where I can download oral arithmetic exercises so that I can download the exercises and let him do more exercises in his free time.

        I am very grateful to Huashi Bilingual and Teacher Zhao for training and helping Zhang Xinyu for giving him so many opportunities to learn and participate in practice. We will make persistent efforts and work together to lay a solid foundation for future learning!

G2B Zhou Ziqiao   

        Hi everyone, this is Zhou Ziqiao from G2B. I am a boy who is very interested in mathematics. This time I got good results in the math contest because my mother and teacher have used numbers to inspire me since I was very young, let me understand the wonderful relationship between numbers and numbers, and let me look around The graphics compare and associate each other.

        When I was young, my teacher taught me the simple operation of addition and subtraction for the first time. After a lot of practice, my calculation speed is getting faster and easier, and I gradually like mathematics. After school, our math class was very interesting. I listened carefully during class. I often recall what the teacher said in class, and found that mathematics is inseparable from our lives. It is so attractive! Mathematics really makes me wonder!

G3C Ma Yunyi       

       Mathematics is an important basic science, we will come to it in our daily life, study and work.

       Mathematics is an abstract subject. 0 means no, 1 means the beginning of counting, and +/- division and so on. All things in the kingdom of mathematics can be simplified into abstract numbers and numbers. It is really amazing to combine to derive the only correct result through calculation.

       This semester Ma Yunyi used the "Five Minutes a Day" recommended by Mathematics teacher Zhao Lu as supplementary materials for teaching calculations. Every time children practice, you can record the number of wrong questions and calculation time; there are tips on the lower right corner of the daily practice, and there are quick calculation methods and math stories. In daily home exercises, you can see the entire process of the children doing the questions. Observed, there are generally the following common errors:

1. Numbers are misread, written, or copied

2. Missing questions

3. Calculation errors caused by unskilled arithmetic of the four arithmetic and 99 multiplication

4. Multiple steps lead to calculation errors

5. Take it for granted by being misled by the formula trap

       These errors are usually closely related to low concentration, poor proficiency in basic calculations, poor calculation methods, and lack of experience in calculations. My advice to children is to improve concentration and avoid low-level mistakes; diligence can make up for clumsiness and use fragmented time to practice. As parents, we will sum up the rules of errors with him, explain the wrong questions and demonstrate better calculation steps and estimation verification methods.

       After a semester of practice, I am very pleased that the calculation errors of the children have improved from 4-5 questions per day to 1-2 errors. The calculation is completed within 5 minutes from the beginning of "impossible" to "I can". . Finally, I would like to thank Teacher Zhao for recommending this book when it is the most appropriate time to lay the foundation; I also hope to work with everyone's children to pass the third grade "Basic Mathematical Operation" smoothly.

G4A Zheng Hao

        Hello everyone, I am Zheng Hao from Class 4 (1). I am very excited to win the fourth grade mathematics competition this time, but I also want to thank my dear teachers and classmates, who have been with me in my math learning. I have always liked mathematics very much. Although I sometimes suffered setbacks while studying mathematics, I was unyielding and kept working hard.

        In fact, to be honest, I am not satisfied with the score this time. My original goal was 15 points and only 15 questions. As long as you are serious and practical, you can't go wrong with one question. But I have a question "Gone with the Wind", which is not correct. This shows that I still have room for improvement, and it is great. This reminds me not to be proud. Of course, Teacher Zhao Jianxuan is also the best math teacher I have ever seen. He has taught us many wonderful methods. He will criticize us in time if we make mistakes, and he is very humorous. In short, thank you, and you are in my mathematics. Helped a lot in learning.

G5B Chen Wuhang       

        When I learned that I won a place in the math competition, I was very happy. My hard work finally paid off.

        A year ago, I was not on the list because I was not fully prepared. This time, I learned to observe the subject first, to see if there is a relationship between numbers and numbers, and whether I can do tricks. Clever calculations will make my calculation easier and more convenient.

I have several methods to share with you when calculating:

1. Make simple calculations using the clever calculation methods learned.

2. Before the game, frantically brush up on the arithmetic problems to improve your logarithmic acuity.

3. In daily exercises, strictly require yourself to improve your calculation speed while ensuring the correct rate.

       These are the small methods I have summarized to improve computing power, I hope to help you.

       In addition to the excellent results of the above-mentioned students who won the first prize, there are many students who have achieved good results in the competition. I hope they will continue to work hard and surpass themselves next year!


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