Zhong Yichen from New York University: A self-disciplined boy who loves sports


    The first impression Zhong Yuchen gave me was that he loved sports and was super self-disciplined. I often see him participating in various sports, whether it is football, basketball, billiards or table tennis, whether it is at school, after class, or school sports meets, you can always see him sweating. I think his love for sports must be justified. Especially for someone like me who regards sports as a task, I am indeed full of doubts and curiosity about his love. What kind of charm does sports have for him? To this, I want to know the answer.

     In addition, Zhong Yuchen has a reputation for learning and self-discipline. But I heard that it wasn't that he was a master student at the beginning, but that it improved steadily and played steadily over time. It seems that steel can not be practiced in a day, and New York University cannot be entered in a day. I think he should have a lot of things to say to us about learning and self-discipline.

Admission University: New York University (NYU)

Application Major: Economics and Mathematics, Sports Management

High school elective courses: Sport Science HL, Math HL, English B HL, Economics SL, Business Management SL, Chinese Literature SL

EE research topic: To what extent the increase in subsidy standards for electric cars will increase social costs in Shanghai in 2019?

Personal summary: vitality, focus, self-discipline

Activities and Societies: Special Olympics Fusion Football Match, Lead Mountain Support Education, Charity Sale, Picture Album Making

Amateur hobbies: football, participating in various sports, watching football matches

(If it's sports-related activities, then take me one, but you rarely call me for things like shopping and drinking drinks!)

Personality: restrained, steady, serious and reliable

Guidelines for making friends: First of all must be sports

Wu: In the past three years of high school, how do you think you have undergone a transformation?

Zhong: In the three years of high school, one coursework after another is the most troublesome. Compared with exams with standard answers, coursework allows us to constantly review and apply the textbook knowledge of each course, and add our own understanding and Judging, the combined homework of the two has largely exercised my independent thinking ability. Since I didn’t come into contact with this kind of homework before going to high school, I racked my brains and couldn’t think of a good idea at the beginning. I was very anxious and frustrated at one time, but learning experience from training again and again made me face the new The problem can be organized in an orderly manner.

Zhong Yuchen told me that learning is a very interesting thing for him, especially when completing projects like IA (discipline research paper) and EE (monograph paper). For example, economic papers require him to read various relevant news to determine a research question, then rack his brains to search and organize a large number of papers on the Internet, in- and out-of-class theory to answer the research questions in more depth, and finally complete the entire thesis with rigorous organization. He said that the paper is very challenging, but he can complete the whole process independently, continuously modify to better, and see that he has improved significantly. He feels particularly fulfilled.

Wu: From what I know about you, you really have a soft spot for sports. Why do you think sports is so attractive to you?

Zhong: Physically speaking, sports can help the body adjust to the best state. Cardiopulmonary function and other bodily functions determine the efficiency of study and work and ensure everyone's concentration. In addition to relaxation, you can also cultivate the ability to cooperate. Football is like group work in school. It requires small partners to use their brains together and combine their own abilities. Therefore, taking sports seriously is also constantly training their communication and leadership skills.

Zhong Yuchen also participated in a Special Olympics football match in cooperation with a special school in the high school club activities, from which he has a deeper understanding of team communication and tolerance in sports spirit.

Zhong: Our joint training with Special Olympics students lasted for two months. The biggest difficulty I encountered at the time was the communication problem with special children when participating in Special Olympics. Children with autism often do not follow the instructions and even produce violent behavior, which undoubtedly caused a great obstacle to training.

In addition, because their technical and tactical skills are far from ours, we decided to start from the basics, that is, stop the ball and pass the ball, but the Special Olympics students are easily distracted and sometimes cannot understand what we are conveying. Content, so the pre-training efficiency is not high.

After the training was over, I have been thinking about how to make Special Olympics students keep up with us. Through observation and practice, I realized that the team should focus on the Special Olympics students instead of us. Later, we did a series of investigations on children with special needs, and always patiently communicated with them and teachers actively, and continued to train technical and tactical skills. In the end, the whole team has gradually become more and more tacit in the attempts to adjust the dialogue method. Therefore, we have been insisting on mutual communication, tolerance and encouragement, which are the key factors for us to win the Shanghai championship.

Wu: What are your expectations for yourself in the future?

Zhong: I haven't decided what career I will be in in the future, but it must be related to sports. It may be sports media, club operations, or sports agents. In the four years of university, in addition to successfully graduating with good grades, I also hope that with the help of abundant learning resources and internship opportunities, I can further clarify my future career.

Wu: Why did you choose to operate a sports club?

Zhong: I have a soft spot for club operations because I have been influenced by football since I was a child. I was shocked by the magnificent sight of thousands of people wearing the same clothes and shouting the same slogans, although the path of playing a professional career is drifting away from me. , I also want to continue to create a good fan atmosphere and spread football culture through my own efforts.

In terms of self-discipline, Zhong Yuchen told me that he was basically learning software except for some necessary social software and football software. terrible. "Human self-control is limited. Don't touch Douyin less and don't spend too much time on the game." He said, "But there are some minor problems when I don't look at the phone. It is sometimes inconvenient for others to contact me."

Wu: As someone who has come here, what do you want to say to the younger students, especially in terms of self-discipline?

Zhong: In the three years of high school, self-discipline is very important. Self-discipline does not mean that you need to continue high-intensity learning, but to arrange your own time reasonably. It is helpful to set short-term and long-term goals in this regard. Every time you reach a goal, you can give yourself some rewards, not only can it be achieved The purpose of relaxation, but also to stimulate the completion of the next goal.

In addition, in high school, you can already start to think about what kind of person you want to be in the future. On this basis, your studies and activities will become more purposeful. Although this year's new crown pneumonia epidemic has had a significant impact on all aspects of life, I believe that with unremitting efforts, you can also shine in the future application season!


 To be honest, Zhong Yuchen is one of my few people who can still enjoy happiness in the learning process. Of course, compared to this, he can concentrate on doing the things he loves in front of him and isolate himself from all kinds of temptations around him. I admire it even more. There is something to do with home, and he gets what he deserves.

Regarding sports, Zhong Yuchen once told me that he had skin allergies when he was a child, so he basically did not participate in more intense sports. However, at that time, he was somewhat introverted but gradually integrated into the sports community with the invitation and encouragement of community friends at the time.

Now his allergies are almost gone, and he has become more sunny and full of energy. In the past, he was patronized by others, but now he also hopes to encourage other introverted or special children to participate in sports and experience the competition and joy of sports, just like those who have helped him. Help each other, understanding and tolerance, maybe this is the spirit of sports.

 I hope this torch will continue to pass on the sports field.


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