Hu Xinran, Boston University: Be a gentle and determined explorer


      First of all, as a reporter of a media agency, I am honored to interview Hu Xinran. Before the interview, I saw some profiles about the interviewed classmates. I saw that she chose HL in mathematics (I heard that HL in mathematics is very difficult) and also participated in many clubs. A wide range of interests and strong learning ability The senior sister suddenly appeared before my eyes.

      How does this school sister usually arrange her own life? What kind of person is she? With this question, I started my interview.

Admission University: Boston University (Boston University)

Admission Major: General Studies

High school elective courses: Chinese HL/Mathematics HL/English HL/Biology SL/Environmental Science SL/Economy SL

EE (Special Essay): About suspense literature (because I like Keigo Higashino)

Hobbies: Chasing dramas/variety shows/exploring shops/going to art museums/sleeping

Societies: Swimming Club, Insect Club, Drama Club

Self-generalization: responsible, optimistic, efficient


    In recent years, I have always hoped that I can become a person who is willing to try new things. In the three years of high school, I participated in five CAS clubs and completed six CAS Projects. In each activity, I tried to take charge of different positions—helping to promote the campus charity sale in the early stage and working as a camper with friends on the same day; as an art and dance teacher in the Qianshan She Minority Elementary School supporting education activities; in drama Assisted in the rehearsal during the preparation of the weekly performance and acted as the curtain puller for the official performance; in the Insect Club every week, I made different butterfly specimens and completed the final specimen exhibition with the members... In my extracurricular life, I also tried to go. I run a social account and share some places I think are worth visiting, foods that I can try, etc. I have discovered my interest in the field of media through continuous exploration.

Q: Why did you choose Boston University?

Hu: Unlike many people, my final choice was not my initial choice. In other words, BU is not a school that I was fascinated by at first sight, so even if people around me had suggested that I could consider ED Boston University when I applied, I also resolutely classified it as RD.

Thinking back to the reason now, I think it may be that I was still carrying a New York dream; it may also be the first time I went to Boston and was shocked by the slightly deserted and academic atmosphere; it may be after my classmates applied for the ED of BU , Many people with excellent standardized performance felt hopeless and dared not consider it when they received Defer; it may also be that they still had a New York dream at the time so that they didn’t understand the school well before writing a small essay. . But when I started to write small essays for BU and learned about it from the official website, Zhihu and public accounts, I really regretted it. From the setting of the CGS curriculum to some school-specific activities, I gradually developed a good impression of it. However, this appreciation and liking also has a natural feeling. At that time, I believed that I would choose Emerson College, which also had a good impression and was relatively more confident in the same application.

In the end, after receiving the results of all the universities, I also successfully joined the BU2024 freshman group through the official account. In the Q&A with the seniors and seniors, I seemed to understand the BU family from the perspective of a freshman. In all aspects, I have strengthened my determination to choose BU.

Question: Why did you choose General Studies among so many courses?

Hu: BU's general education is a spring class, which is divided into two years. In the first two years, I will study general education courses. In the summer of the first year, I will go to London, England for a six-week study tour. After two years, you can join a BU academy according to your professional preferences and start a more professional study. Its opening in spring, plus summer study tours are more attractive to me.

In addition, from an objective point of view, because my standardization is not very good, even if I am very fortunate to be admitted to the media school that I am interested in, in this popular and competitive college, I compare Worrying about being unable to keep up. Furthermore, to determine the specific subject areas of the School of Media, I still don't have a clear decision in my mind.

Therefore, choosing to study general studies will not only give me more time to think and improve, but also more opportunities to clarify my professional choice.

Q: Did you not get used to it when you just started learning ib? How did you adapt?

Hu: The main unaccustomed aspect is that there are many opportunities for personal presentations. There are often some individual or group speeches. For those of me who are more stage fright, I have a feeling of inadequacy in the process of learning to let go. . When it comes to solutions, in fact, I did not deliberately make additional efforts, but with the beginning of standardized learning, I learned more words and syntax, and because I received more oral training, I naturally became More and more able to accept this non-written expression.

Q: What is the biggest challenge in learning ib courses and how to solve such challenges? What is the biggest impact of the IB course for you?

Hu: During the two years of IB, I felt that the most difficult challenge I faced was the writing of EE papers. For my impatient, I always hope that everything can be done in the most efficient way. But EE pursues more of continuous thinking and exploration in an academic field, so at the beginning, it is always unable to set a very complete and satisfactory paper framework. Fortunately, the instructor's careful answers and timely adjustments resulted in a satisfactory answer sheet.

Regarding the gains from learning IB, in my opinion, since the IB curriculum itself pursues all aspects of education, after two years of study, I feel that I am not in terms of learning or exploring personal characteristics. All have made progress and changes compared to the previous ones.

Q: Do you have any hobbies?

Hu: In my daily life, I prefer to chase dramas, go shopping, and go to see art exhibitions. I will also share some fragments of my life in the media (Xiaohongshu), such as the fun hotels I have traveled to, the interesting museums I have visited, etc. It is also because of this that I want to learn the direction of media in the future.

Q: Apart from receiving the offer, is there anything that makes you happy?

Hu: It should be Qianshan to teach, because a lot of the first experience happened during that activity. Including: the first time to go to the city of Shangrao; the first group outing for the first grade; the first time to cooperate with high school students; the first time to teach second-year students of elementary school; the first time to learn on the mountain road; Watching bonfires and stars; grabbing hot water to take a bath for the first time.

Question: How do you participate in so many clubs at the same time while studying? How do you arrange time so efficiently?

Hu: You can set a'to do list': Basically when the schoolwork is heavy or on the eve of the exam, I will list all the tasks to be completed every night for self-study, so as to motivate myself to complete more efficiently and prevent myself Some important things are missing.

Question: How to arrange ib for two years?

Hu: My suggestion is to discover more of your interest and challenge some new things under the premise of stable standardization and internal GPA in the first year. Then during the summer vacation, learn about the university and determine the school selection; start the essay, it is best to determine the main framework of the main essay and the California essay (if applied); start writing the first draft of IA and EE. Then wait until the second year, the standardization will be finalized, mainly focusing on improving the campus GPA and university applications.

    Before interviewing the senior sister, I was actually quite nervous, because I had never done anything like this before. But through the communication with her, I gradually discovered that she is not a "senior sister" in the upper class.

    She is very enthusiastic and will tell me some of her own learning experiences during the interview; sometimes she will be stage fright when communicating with foreign teachers, and she will also chase drama in her daily life and go out with friends Play; for my shortcomings during the interview, she also treated me with a tolerant attitude.

    Through this interview, I saw a more authentic senior girl, a gentle, warm-hearted girl who studies well but occasionally has a little trouble. I saw the beauty that belonged to her alone. First of all, congratulations to her for enrolling in her ideal college, and I believe that there will be a better future waiting for her.


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